Morgan Greer Tarot by Morgan Greer

Price: $10.00

TITLE:  Morgan Greer Tarot

AUTHOR:  Morgan Greer

FORMAT:  Tarot Cards

ISBN:  9780913866917

Format:  S/H Good Condition, 78 Card Deck and Instructions.

Magical imagery and full scenes grace the intensely colorful cards in this popular tarot deck.

"There are certain colors used as dictated by Case for symbolic reasons. I sought to incorporate these colors and elaborate, so as to create an immediate emotional reaction to each card even before an image could be looked at in depth.  The work was done in the country away from distractions.  In a practical way, all the years of research and study were allowed to flow into form."

Full-color 78-card tarot deck illustrated by Bill Greer under the direction of Lloyd Morgan; this deck is a modern interpretation of the classic Waite Presentation---based on the continued knowledge, wisdom and interpretation of Paul Foster Case and Arthur Edward Waite.