The Wiccan Way by Rae Beth

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Magic: The Wiccan Way by Rae Beth

Title:  The Wiccan Way
Author:  Rae Beth
Illustrator:  Poppy Palin
Publisher:  Phoenix
Year:  2001
Isbn:  9780919345959
Format:  S/H, Paperback in very good condition has been carefully covered in clear protective contact - Beautiful Book!
Category: Magic

Magical Spirituality for the Solitary Pagan. The Wiccan Way is filled with simple acts of sacredness and ways to bring magic to your daily life. This evocative book for connecting with the wisdom of prayer, enchantment, and healing magic begins with a thorough description of what prayer means to the Pagan mystic: an attitude of reverence toward nature and its creatures.

Prayer and spells are highlighted throughout this enriching book. You will learn: How to create magical prayers; Prayers and spells for health, wealth, and good fortune; How to get help from a familiar spirit; Steps along the path; How to consecrate an altar; Prayers for the eight sabbats. Rae Beth's lyrical writing style brings to life the way of magic and the importance of honoring the spirit of all beings. The Wiccan Way, written by Rae Beth for the solitary practitioner, is easy to use.