The Wiccan Path by Rae Beth

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Magic: The Wiccan Path by Rae Beth

Title:  The Wiccan Path
Author:  Rae Beth
Year:  3rd Printing 1997
Isbn:  9780895947444
Format:  S/H Paperback in as new condition!
Category: Magic

Rae Beth's unique and beautiful book is one of the major writings on Wicca today.  Her writing style is lively and entertaining. In The Wiccan Path Rae Beth sheds new light on ancient concepts and reassures the reader that the best tools don't necessarily mean the best rituals. Her advice and instructions on visualization and trance work are particularly helpful, but the entire book is a rich source of material and meaning.

A Customer Review:
The Wiccan Path: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner (Paperback)
Many books written on the craft deal with coven work, or are adapted from covenwork to attempt to fit a solitary. This one, however, is written by a solitary, for solitary's. Also, unlike other books I have read which seem to be more of a 'How to' and 'Follow steps 1, 2 and 3', this is a collection of letters written to two people interested in becoming witches.

It's a more stream of consciousness approach which really seems to get you involved in the reading, where you actually begin to feel that the letters were written to you. I think it's an absolutely wonderful book for anyone interested in the craft, and especially for us solitary witches.