The Twelve Wild Swans

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AUTHOR:  Starhawk and Hilary Valentine

TITLE:  The Twelve Wild Swans

ISBN:  9780062516695

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The Twelve Wild Swans: A Journey Into Magic, Healing and Action

Notes from Starhawk: "This is a resource book for Pagans, circles, and teachers. It compiles much material developed by many people in the Reclaiming Community over the last two decades. Its structure follows that of one of our Witch Camps. We use the fairy tale of "The Twelve Wild Swans" as our theme story, and divide it into seven parts. Each section is another step on an initiatory journey, and for each we provide basic magical training, inner work on personal healing, and outer work to heal and change the world.

You can work through the book chapter by chapter, or choose one path and follow it through, or simply use the exercises and meditations that call to you. And if you're in one of the circles that has devolved into a group where you eat and talk and can't quite get around to doing magic (yes, I've been in them too!) and are looking for ideas, this book could keep you occupied for years!"

Continuing the lessons and deepening the knowledge first set out in the bestseller The Spiral Dance, here is the first guide that works for both basic and advanced magical training. Authors Starhawk and Hilary Valentine transform a fairy tale about twelve wild swans into a set of instructions for an initiatory journey into the world of Witchcraft, providing a remarkable roadmap describing three distinct paths into magic, healing, and action.

"The practice of magic rests on the power of the word," says Starhawk.

For circles, covens, and groups, this volume is the power of the word at work -- a sourcebook that instructs and inspires on many levels, from the craft of magical training, to inner spiritual development, to outer work in the greater world.