Celtic Book Of Days

Price: $7.00

AUTHOR:  Caitlin Matthews

TITLE:  The Celtic Book Of Days

ISBN:  9781899434268

DESCRIPTION:  S/H Paperback. Apart from a small crease on the from cover this book is in great condition!

A visually beautiful work as well as a poetic guide to daily meditation. This book will be appreciated by lovers of Celtic art and lore, Pagan or Christian, and by anyone who collects spiritual teachings as a source of hope and comfort in daily life. -- Keltria: Journal of Druidism and Celtic Magick

"The Celtic method of blending spirituality into everyday life is revealed in a collection of Celtic myths, prayers, lore and spiritual sayings based on the Celtic year. Enjoy an excellent, well-illustrated collection of Celtic wisdom which provides inspirational moments for each day."
(The Midwest Book Review )

"This book is both a history lesson and a moving spiritual experience and is a valued gift to pass down through generations. It’s a splendid trove of information for anyone studying the Celtic and Druid path(s)."
(Belladonna's Book Shelf, Feb 2007 )