Women In Chant

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AUTHOR:  Nuns of Regina Laudis

TITLE:  Women In Chant: Gregorian Chants For The Festal Celebrations Of Virgin Martyrs And Our Lady Of Sorrows.

ISBN:  9781564555786


By A Customer

I was looking for music to use in my meditation and, since my path is women-spirituality based, I was pleased to come upon Women in Chant. What beautiful music. Although I am not Catholic, it hardly matters in terms of recognizing and appreciating the sacredness of these chants. I wonder at the dedication of the nuns of the Choir to perfect the intricacies of the songs.

The accompanying informational booklet that describes the circumstances of the Virgin Martyrs and Our Lady of Sorrows was both interesting and poignant. If you love Gregorian Chant -- or if you would like to experience it ... if you have listened to choirs of women before -- or if you have never heard women's voices raised in chant ... whatever your past experience, I think you will enjoy and grow from this compilation.