The Tarot Tells It All

Price: $29.95

AUTHOR:  Patricia Walker

TITLE:  The Tarot Tells It All

PUBLISHER:  Starburst Publishing

YEAR:  2005

ISBN:  9780958013970


It seems that Patricia Walker’s last assignment on Earth was to finish this book. One week after having completed the last revision work, she died. It’s clear from all accounts that she had virtually willed herself to stay alive long enough to finish this remarkable work.

Patricia was an exceptional person. She believed in justice above all else, and that the underdog was always worth fighting for. That LOVE was the most important gift we could give and that, firstly, you were a spiritual being having an earthly experience. Her philosophy of life was to give out what you wanted to receive and to strive to be all that you could be.

No Reverses Tarot Book.

Patricia Walker was certainly a teacher of teachers, as this book will soon reflect. She instilled in her students the knowledge that reverse meanings were not used in the Tarot until the early part of the Nineteenth Century. She pointed out that there are sufficient ‘negative’ cards and combinations in the Tarot, as part of the reading, using upright positions only. Hence, as research bore out, reverse meanings were not part of the original and traditional teachings of the Tarot!