The Book of Thoth

Price: $30.95

AUTHOR:  Aleister Crowley

TITLE:  The Book Of Thoth

PUBLISHER:  Samual Weiser, Inc

YEAR:  2002

ISBN:  9780913866122


According to ancient tradition, The Book of Thoth was the legendary repository of the Egyptian mysteries; as such it is forever connected with occult knowledge, mystery schools and the esoteric secrets and magical systems that these schools taught. The Book of Thoth has long been associated with the tarot, which is said by many to be the embodiment of its teachings.

was undoubtedly one of the finest occult minds of our time and soon realised that despite the historical interest in the tarot that occultists harboured, there was a distinct lack of authentic texts that explored the cards, let alone develop them. He resolved to rectify that omission by creating one definitive text that would make the Tarot accessible to everyone who had the desire to learn. Guided by the intelligence's that had directed him throughout his life, Crowley penned a legend, an extensive treatise on the tarot, which he named The Book of Thoth, after the tradition of wisdom itself.

Crowley’s Book of Thoth incorporates the wisdom, philosophy, science and magick of Egypt, melding eastern and western mystery traditions to create the most complete method of studying the tarot and finding self-knowledge that there is in existence. Occultists such as A.E. Waite have written their own studies of the tarot, but none of the succeeded in imparting the occult wisdom of Crowley’s classic text. It has to be said that the Book of Thoth is not usually recommended for newcomers to the tarot and to the occult.

It unites Cabbalistic tradition, Tarot, philosophy, science and magick to create a complete yet multi-faceted tradition creating a tool that can be used to explore the magickal and mystical elements of both microcosm and macrocosm. To many modern occultists The Book of Thoth remains without parallel. It represents the entire sum of not only Crowley’s knowledge but also the knowledge of the masters themselves.