Tarot For Your Self

Price: $39.95

AUTHOR:  Mary M. Greer

TITLE:  Tarot For Your Self

PUBLISHER:  New Page Books

YEAR:  2002

ISBN:  978156445888

EDITION:  2rd Revised

DESCRIPTION:   Paperback

This is one of the best beginner's books available. It is in a workbook format with exercises designed to get you working with the cards right away. Unlike most beginner's books which are 90% interpretation description.

Tarot for Your Self has a small interpretation section in the back of the book. The interpretations are generic and should work with most decks that are not too different from the Waite-Smith (Rider) or Golden Dawn based decks. The book is illustrated with cards from several different decks and there is enough information here to keep even a veteran reader interested.

There are sections on keeping a Tarot Journal, Dealing with Moods, Emotions and Relationships, The Court Cards, Prosperity and Planning, and Healing. This book is a must have for every Tarot Library.