Playing Your Own Golf Game

Price: $24.95

AUTHOR:  Rohan Dummett

TITLE:  Playing Your Own Golf Game

PUBLISHER:  Striking The White

ISBN:  9780646440927


For anyone who wants to build their own great golf game:

               a universal learning framework for player and coach
               clear and concise key fundamentals
               timeless illustrations of Australian Jason Day – World Junior Champion and     Australian Junior Champion 2004
               easy to use evaluation and lesson note section
               foreword by Craig Parry and Introduction by Brett Ogle, two of Australia’s most popular golfing personalities

When Tim Pembroke, a successful businessman and keen golfer, challenged Rohan Dummett, one of Australia’s top golf coaches, to co-author a golf-improvement guide, the result was Playing your own golf game. Based around a universal learning framework, it is set to inspire thousands of weekend golfers. Featuring detailed illustrations, the book covers the key fundamentals of golf and provides a balanced, tailored improvement program. It also includes an interactive practice section where coach and player can set goals and evaluate progress.

Are you frustrated by your current golf game? Has your handicap plateaued at the same level for years? Or are you just starting out and want to enjoy one of sport’s ultimate challenges as soon as possible?

While the general standard of professional golfers and elite amateurs has improved considerably over the past decade, the same cannot be said for the weekend golfer, whose game often stops improving well short of their expectations and true abilities.

Playing your own golf game provides what professionals and elite golfers take for granted – a balanced, tailored improvement program.

The Make your practice count section is designed so you and your coach can record what is of most importance to your game, set goals and evaluate your progress.

Playing your own golf game is essential for those who are serious about improving their golf game and will ensure that the effort they put into playing the great game of golf is fully rewarded.

Playing your own golf game is an inspired new initiative which should dramatically improve the way that the ‘weekend golfer’ is taught.

Craig Parry

Playing your own golf game is a bold, inspired challenge to both players and coaches to change the way they learn and teach.

Brett Ogle

At the cost of a half-hour lesson, Playing your own golf game will be the best half-hour lesson you’ll ever have.

Charlie Earp – Greg Norman’s first coach