Ramtha, The White Book

Price: $37.95

AUTHOR:  J. Z. Knight

TITLE:  Ramtha, The White Book

PUBLISHER:  The Great Work

YEAR:  2004

ISBN:  9781920970048

EDITION:  Revised & Expanded


The general introduction to Ramtha and his teachings now revised and expanded with a Foreword by JZ Knight, a glossary of terms and concepts used by Ramtha, a detailed index and a commentary essay showing the significance of Ramtha’s teachings.

It addresses questions on the Source of all existence, our forgotten divinity, life after death, evolution, love, the power of consciousness and the mind, lessons from nature, and Ramtha’s ascension.

Ramtha the Enlightened One, ascended master and founder of the mystery schools of ancient wisdom throughout history. Master Teacher of Ramtha's School of Enlightenment.