The Spiritual Universe

Price: $37.95

AUTHOR:  Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D.

TITLE:  The Spiritual Universe

PUBLISHER:  Moment Point Press

YEAR:  1999

ISBN:  9780966132717

DESCRIPTION:   Paperback

In The Spiritual Universe, Fred Alan Wolf explores the existence of the soul from the standpoint of a scientist. He reveals why he believes the mind/body question so central to spiritual philosophy is illuminated by the discoveries of modern theoretical physics.

"Entering Fred Alan Wolf’s 'spiritual universe' is like stepping into a laboratory in a spaceship careening through the universe and manned by a philosopher-scientist. The speed is awesome, the questions are exhilarating, and the conclusions are properly mysterious and profoundly inconclusive. If you have a head for scientific reasoning, you’ll enjoy the spirited journey. If you’re a softhead, romantic, earthbound poet-type like me, you’re in for some mind expansion."

Thomas Moore, Author of Care of the Soul

"The Spiritual Universe is a comprehensive and provocative examination of the place where religion and philosophy, science and spirituality intersect. Physicist Fred Wolf clearly demonstrates how quantum physics proves the existence of the soul."

Angeles Arrien, Ph.D., cultural anthropologist and author of The Four-Fold Way and Signs of Life