Deva Premal Sings Moola Mantra

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CD: Deva Premal Sings Moola Mantra

Title:  Deva Premal Sings Moola Mantra
Author:  Deva Premal
Isbn:  DP500
Format:  CD

"This eagerly awaited studio recording features one of the world’s most beloved chant masters. When Deva Premal sings, the gods listen. Hearts open. Spirits alight. With a pure and tender voice, notes are transmuted into spirit. We are invited to join in and share the bliss of mantra and divine music.

Over one year in the making, the album contains a 50-minute meditation on the beautiful Moola Mantra - a celebration of sacred male and female energy - discovered by Deva and Miten during their inspirational visits to the Oneness University, in Chennai, India.

Produced by Ben Leinbach, known for his fine production work with Jai Uttal, the Moola Mantra, like a symphony, meanders through a landscape of sitars, bansuri, dotar, string quartets, grand piano, tablas and ambient electronica, with Deva’s stunning voice - a golden thread - leading the way. Special guest musicians include Miten (vocals)

Jai Uttal (dotar), Nepalese bansuri maestro Manose, who has become an integral part of Deva Premal and Miten’s live performances, Kit Walker (piano) and Benjy Wertheimer (esraj).

This is a portrait of an artist stretching her boundaries and reaching new heights of excellence and delight.