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Angel Feather Oracle Cards by Michelle Newten

The Angel Feather Oracle Card Deck & Guide Book by Michelle Newten brings you 44 different coloured feathers along with associated messages from your Angels.
Price: $29.95

Bookmark - Green Tassle

Gold foil on textured card. Also available in Blue.
Price: $3.30

Divine Astrology: Enlisting The Aid Of The Planetary Powers by Lyn Birkbeck

Most of what has been written in the name of astrology refers to personality and prediction. Divine Astrology presents Astrology in its true sense as a spiritual rather than predictive system.
Price: $59.95

Inner Self Guidance Cards by Lin Bell

The Inner Self Guidance Cards. Use these cards by picking 3 a day as an overview If there’s an issue that needs addressing, pick one or more cards (as many as are needed), and as the inner questions and answers arise, use them as confirmation of That which is your Knowing.
Price: $16.95

Morgan Greer Tarot by Bill Greer

Morgan Greer Tarot Deck: A Modern Interpretation Of The Classic Waite Presentation. Magical imagery and full scenes grace the intensely colorful cards in this popular tarot deck.
Price: $34.95

Osho Zen Tarot Set: Transcendental Game Of Zen by Osho

Osho Zen Tarot Set: Transcendental Game Of Zen. Drawing on the Buddhist teachings of the Osho Commune International in Poona, this set of tarot cards and accompanying book offer a reworking, for the followers of Zen, of the traditional medieval tarot art of fortune-telling.
Price: $49.95

Sacred Geometry Cards for the Visionary Path by Francene Hart

Sacred Geometry Cards for the Visionary Path by Francene Hart provides encouragement and guidance to those on the path of conscious evolution.
Price: $59.95

Universal Waite Tarot - Pocket by Mary Hanson-Roberts

The popular Universal Waite Tarot deck is now available in a handy 5cm x 9cm approx pocket size. The deck is packaged in a deluxe stand-up box and is an ideal tool for meditation and readings. Including instruction booklet.
Price: $29.95

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