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ASTROLOGY BOOKS A vast range of astrology books including astrology books for students and the more experienced astrologer.  Ephemerides.  Popular authors such as, Darrelyn Gunzburg, Robert Hand, Bernadette Brady, Noel Tyl, Demetra George, Sue Tompkins, Betty Lundsted, Stephen Arroyo, Bruno & Louise Huber, Isabel M. Hickey, David Frawley, Erin Sullivan, Linda Goodman, Karen Hamaker-Zondag, Steven Forrest and Robert P Blaschke just to name a few. Other topics include Mind Body & Spirit, Relationships, Psychology, Health & Healing, Magic, Abundance and many more. Organic Essential Oils, Aroma Pendants, Diffusers, Pure Beeswax Candles – Honey Candles.

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Astrology Books

Saturn, Chiron and the Centaurs By Melanie Reinhart

Melanie’s latest book, Saturn, Chiron and the Centaurs is the most comprehensive exploration of Pholus and Nessus yet written.

Saturn, Chiron and the Centaurs consists of transcriptions of two seminars on astrology previously published by CPA Press (1996/2002), receiving excellent reviews. This work retains the lively pace of the spoken word, and includes material both familiar and entirely new. Released in June 2011.

 The Planets and their Psychological Meaning by Bruno and Louise Huber

In this book, Bruno and Louise Huber show how the positions of the planets are fundamental to interpretation of the horoscope. They represent basic archetypal qualities that are present in everyone, and give clues to our psychological abilities and characteristics, and to our growth and spiritual development. This book completes the set of eight volumes available in the English language describing the Hubers’ original and practical approach to astrological psychology


Aromatherapy Magic:

The Ultrasonic Anion Aroma Diffuser

A diffuser that can be used with or without oils. Get the true aroma and benefits of the essential oils as no heating is involved. The elegant mist produced by ultrasonic waves releases the essential oils in their 100% purest form, enhancing the effects of aromatherapy. No heating involved.
Has 5 in 1 Functions. Maximum 8 hours operation with two operation modes.
The Ultrasonic Anion Aroma Diffuser has the capacity to service an area of 50 square metres.
Safety Feature: Built in water level sensor avoids operation under insufficient or no water. 24 V voltage. Adaptor is certification approved. Maximum 8 Hrs operation.

 Introducing The New ‘Mini’ Ultransmit Mini Aroma Diffuser – It’s Funky, New, Colourful and Cute!

A great addition to your home and office.
The new Ultransmit Mini Aroma Diffuser features a multi-coloured lighting effect and also acts as a:
Humidifier, Air Purifier, Ioniser.  A Night Lamp and Aroma Diffuser.
Experience your essential oils in their purest form and enjoy the full therapeutic benefits of your essential oils.
Safe for every home and every member of the family.
Five-in-one multifunctional:
Multi-coloured lighting effect – Beautiful!

Magic & Esoteric Books

Red Tree, White Tree: Faeries and Humans in Partnership By Wendy Berg.

Magic: The relationship between human and Faery lies at the very core of the Arthurian stories. In this radical re-evaluation of the Grail legends, Wendy Berg brings some meaningful light to the ancient mythology of the British Isles, centred around the marriage of King Arthur to the Faery Gwenevere. Drawing upon numerous Arthurian sources and other related texts, from the Book of Genesis to The Lord of the Rings, she explores the magical ritual underpinning of the legends and their connection to the ancient stellar deities of Britain. Paperback, 198 Page

 Moontime Diary 2012 – by by Iris Detenhoff. 

Discover the art of timing and fine tune your health, home, garden and business to the moon. This moon diary works with the natural seasons and cycles of the moon, sun and planets.  Every day practical suggestions guide you through the year in tune with the moon.
  Moontime Diary 2012 features all diary essentials plus it

• Inspires you with relevant information and tables to experiment with the art of timing. 
•  Helps you develop your green thumb and shows you how to apply these same principles to your health, home and business planning. 
•  Assists lay people to develop their understanding of the lunar cycle and yearly seasons regarding personal well being, gardening and astrology. 
•  It supplies Astrologers with monthly planetary tables, daily aspects and moon void of course times. 
•  Provides pagans and goddesses with moon and seasonal cycles for their gatherings by the moon. 
•  Guides you through effective New Moon Intention Setting for all 12 new moons. The Moontime Diary 2012 will inspire you to create a healthy lifestyle in tune with the moon and other natural cycles.

Moon Diary 2012 by Shekhinah Morgan. IN STOCK at Virgo Moon Pages. FREE DELIVERY!

This is the original Southern Hemisphere Moon Diary and it is now in its 19th year. Moon Diary 2012 by Shekhinah Morgan.
The Diary, focusing on natural cycles, gives times of moon phases and all lunar astrological transits as well as Void-of Course-Moon times. This is the 19th year of the original Southern Hemisphere Moon Diary. The Moon Diary enables you to keep your appointments and meetings whilst enriching your daily life with lunar lore, simple grounding practices and the myths of many cultures.

Music CDs & DVDs

Whether it is Meditation, Guided Meditations for Children, Chants, Celtic Music, Tantra, our range of music CDs will have wide appeal.  We feature amongst others the popular artists Deva Premal & Miten, Medwyn Goodall, Loreena McKennitt, Deuter, Snatam Kaur and Aeoliah.


Tarot Decks & Oracle Cards

A vast range of unusual and popular Tarot Cards from Morgan-Greer, Universal Waite, Witches Tarot, Robin Wood, Osho Zen Tarot Set, Tarot of The White Cats, Tarot Learning Cards by Jadzia DeForest & Jay GreenMan DeForest and many more.  We stock a complete range of Doreen Virtue’s Angel and Oracle cards.

Angel Cards (Findhorn) by Joy Drake & Kathy Tyler, Inner Self Guidance Cards by Lin Bell, Angels Of Light Cards – 2nd Edition by Diana Cooper.  Card Decks by Kerrie Ticehurst-Edwards, Sonia Choquette, Toni Carmine Salerno, Lucy Cavendish and many more.

Inner Self Guidance Cards – Lin Bell

Lin Bell has created a wonderful oracle, select a few and let them unfold directing you to an accurate answer to your question. 120 different Messages including, Take the Risk, Choose, Accept What is, Willingness, Physical Action, Get What I Want, Judgment Separates…….Use these Inspirational Cards to open up a whole new doorway to your Intuition, bringing Clarity and Awareness into your Life. Use the Inner Self Guidance Cards by picking a three day as an overview, If there’s an issue that needs addressing, pick one or more cards (as many as are needed), and as the inner questions and answers arise, use them as confirmation of That which is your Knowing. The Inner Self Guidance Cards are great as a gift and fit neatly into a small pouch.

Aromatherapy Magic: Aroma Pendants available in Five Colours

Shades of the Aroma Pendants: Red – Cobalt Blue Green/Blue – Aqua/Gold – Orange/Green

The Aroma Pendants are made of 100% glass, that are individually hand blown, painted and designed in a beautiful array of colors.  The glass pendant allows you to experience the therapeutic benefits of essential oils through inhalation all day every day! 

Wherever you go, take your aromatherapy with you. These Pendants are great particularly if you suffer from skin allergies.  Our Concentration, Calming, Energy and Meditation formula are perfect for use every day. Strengthen and protect your auric field using aromatherapy.

Pure Beeswax Harvest Candle, A tribute to Goddess Demeter.

Beeswax candles have traditionally been regarded as superior candles and were afforded only by the privileged royalty and the church. Today pure beeswax candlesare still an affordable luxury, prized as an air purifier, toxin-free, with a warm radiant glow and a soft honey scent.









A Pure Beeswax Candle with a Twist !

 A beeswax candle emits a constant stream of negative ions whilst burning. These negative ions are attracted to suspended particles in the air (such as pollen, odours, dust, moulds and toxins) which are positively charged. The negative ions cause the suspended particles to become heavier and gravity settles them to the ground – instead of remaining air-borne where they can be ingested, causing allergic reactions. Burning a beeswax candle is the simplest and most cost effective way of purifying the air.





Beeswax candles burn up to 10 times longer than paraffin candles due to beeswax having  a higher melting point. Beeswax candles will burn slower and last longer, making them an economical alternative.