Q: Where is the product made
A: The product is made in China, the company also owns the worldwide patent on this technology.

Q: Could you give us a history on the Manufacturer
A: KERI ELECTRONIC CO. LTD, is a reputable manufacturer that specialises in the dedication of producing products specifically for improving quality of life through extensive research resulting in the production of a large variety of ultrasonic related products. NHKR produce over 20 products that includes industrial, agricultural and medical humidifying equipment. Conducting ISO9001:2000 ERP management systems and keeping to the regulation of SA8000, NHKR manages a production plant of 10,000 sqm and is staffed by more than 200 workers. The company has been in business for over 10 years.
Carrying approval of CE, GS, UL, PSE,SAA, K-Mark etc and complying with the ROHS-Directive, their products are exported to over 30 countries, carrying a highly regarded reputation in the worldwide market.

Q: Is there a Warranty on the unit
A: Yes there is. There is a one year warranty upon proof of purchase
The warranty covers operational faults only and not breakages or damage to the unit as a result of misuse.
If your unit does not have a warranty card included please print out a copy of the warranty from the website. The warranty is only valid with an official Australian receipt.

Q: Where else in the world is this Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser available
A: This product is available in China, Japan, U.S.A., U.K., France, Singapore and Australia.

Q: What testing has been conducted for this unit
A: Formal testing was undertaken by Guangzhou Research Institute of Environmental Protection. Tests and subsequent data prove that the unit acts as a Humidifier, Ioniser and Air Purifier.

Q: What is the technology
A: The technology is ‘ultrasonic waves’ – the vibration of the water at 1.7 million times per second which in turn forms the vapours. There is no heating element involved.

Q: Do you have to use Essential Oils in the Unit.
A: No. You can purely use water and use the unit as an air purifier, humidifier, Ioniser and night light.

Q: Can this replace a vaporiser.
A: We do not have the data on vaporisers and their effect to the environment. We do however know that the Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser acts as a Humidifier as part of its functionality and services an area of 50 squares. There is little or no condensation as there is no heating element involved. We are looking at steam versus vapours. Fortunately the other functions or components of the Diffuser refresh and clean the air/environment. Any essential oil, including pure eucalyptus oil can be used for colds, congestion etc.

Q: Is this unit safe to use for infants
A: Yes the unit on its own (with just water) is very safe for infants and also has a low-voltage output. You will need to check with the manufacturers of Essential Oil to check to see which are appropriate for infants.

Q: Who else would benefit from this unit
A: This is safe for every member of the family and is currently used in homes, the office, hospitals, childcare centres, Spa & Yoga centres, Hotels, aged care homes, schools etc.

Q: Why is the Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser much healthier and environmentally-friendly?
A: 1: The Ultrasonic waves principle of high-frequency vibration (1,700,000 times/sec.) physically breaks up the essential-oil molecule into micro- particles. This type of technology fully reserves the natural ingredients of the essential oil through the diffusing process allowing for easier absorption by the body and skin.
2: Ultrasonic waves increase air moisture by releasing a fine water mist. The benefits include combating the drying effects of heating and air conditioning as well as assisting in accelerating the metabolism and a form of nutrition for our skin.
3: Ultrasonic Waves generate abundant anions as Air-Vitamin that helps to purify/refresh air, improve air quality and ease the nervous system.

Oil diffusing speed is Fast: You can enjoy wonderful aromatherapy within 2 seconds

Aroma Diffusing effect: Extremely tiny micro- particles of essential oil being blow out by the built-in fan creating the benefits of the oil to be widely spread and remain in the air for a long period of time

Q: What kind of essential oils are suitable for use in this unit?
A: Water-soluble essential oils are preferable. Please note that some oils react with the material used for this unit, in particular citrus based oils and oils that may contain an acidic component are not suitable for the unit. These oils can cause serious corrosion of the unit when used, particularly in large amounts. The warranty does not cover any corrosion or breakage of the unit. Please ask your local dealer for further advice and suggestion.

Q: How often can I use the unit.
A: There is no limit as to how much you can use the unit. Keep in mind however, that this unit is not for commercial use. This is a domestic product and is made accordingly. You must maintain your unit by cleaning oil residue and excess water after each use.

Q: Notice during use.
A: Always wipe excess water from the unit surface each time after pouring out the mixed solution (essential oil & water) from the rim of the water tank so as to avoid any corrosion. If there is any type of reaction to the essential oils, do not continue to use this oil.

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